Making a Will

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At the request of many friends that I must write about ‘How to make a will’, I  started writing about managing properties during a lifetime, so that administration is easy later. These are a series of Whatsapp posts, now being published here.

This discussion is for a lay-person who has to decide whether he should make a will or not. It covers in plain language the fundamentals of managing properties, succession and will-making. It is based on Indian law.

Making a will involves decision about legal and tax aspects. My readers are advised to take appropriate legal advice.

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  1. Introduction
  2. List of Properties
    1. What are ‘My’ properties
    2. Completing documents and record
    3. Share in joint properties
    4. Share in ‘HUF’ properties
    5. A woman’s property
  3. List of debts and liabilities
  4. Nominations
  5. Must I make a will?
  6. Succession to property after death (Intestate)
    1. Man dies intestate : surviving wife, children and parents
    2. Man dies intestate : surviving parents, brothers and sisters
    3. Hindu Woman dies intestate
    4. Woman dies intestate
    5. Features of intestate succession
    6. When must I make a will?
  7. Making the will
    1. Preparing to make a will.

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