Summary of the Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018

The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018 changes the features of contract remedies. The important provisions relating to contract remedies are as follows:

  • Specific Performance is a general remedy.
  • The list of contracts not specifically enforceable has changed.
  • Specific performance by or against limited liability partnership
  • Readiness and willingness need be proved
  • Personal bar to relief after substituted performance
  • Court’s discretion removed
  • New remedy of substituted performance
  • No compensation in substitution of specific performance.
  • No injunction to restrain progress of infrastructure projects
  • Other provisions.

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the Specific Relief Act 1963 (as amended in 2018)(SRA 1963)
the Specific Relief Act 1963 as amended showing all changes.


Specific performance is no longer an exceptional remedy.

Specific performance is now a general remedy in Indian law. It is no longer exceptional, or discretionary. Read more.

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The Specific Relief Act: 1963, 2018

The Specific Relief Act 1963 has been amended in 2018. The amendment makes far-reaching changes in the law. Click here to read and download the Acts.