Moot-trial briefs

These are moot-trial briefs that I drafted.
Click on case-names to download files.
The briefs may be used for presenting arguments or for writing judgments.
Anyone may use these briefs for educational non-commercial purpose provided authors are acknowledged.


  1. Amit Ranjan v Kusum Ranjan – A trial seeking probate of a will.
  2. Avinash Devasthali v Shubh Yatra Travels Ltd – A consumer complaint for refund of cancelled airline tickets.
  3. Matrubhumi Society v Aditya Kashyap – A trial seeking compensation for breach of a promise to make a donation.
  4. Go-Green Industries v Eco-Enviro India Pvt Ltd – An interim application of injunction for restraining payment under bank guarantee.
  5. Rajendra Kumar v Jamnalal Batliwala – A trial for possession and specific performance, involving doctrine of part-performance.
  6. Aravind Kumar v Jayanti Bank – A proceeding challenging dismissal from employment.
  7. Rudra Mehra v Annapurna Caterers – A suit by a landlord for eviction of his tenant under urban rent control legislation.
  8. State of Maharashtra v Vijay Singh – A criminal trial for an offence of theft.
  9. Vidyadhar Rao v Investnet Co Ltd – An appeal from a judgment in a consumer complaint for refund of depository charges collected with deception.