MCQs on Contract Law

You are welcome to attempt these Multiple Choice Questions on different aspects of Indian Contract Law.
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Commercial law must be certain and predictable

I take example of a clause in a contract about liquidated damages to demonstrate how the many judgments interpreting section 74 of the Indian Contract Act have made this branch of law uncertain and unpredictable for contracting parties.

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This is my speech at the inaugural session of a Seminar organised by the National School of India University, Bengaluru : “Strengthening Legal Provisions for the Enforcement of Contracts”.

Specific performance is no longer an exceptional remedy.

Specific performance is now a general remedy in Indian law. It is no longer exceptional, or discretionary. Read more.

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The Specific Relief Act: 1963, 2018

The Specific Relief Act 1963 has been amended in 2018. The amendment makes far-reaching changes in the law. Click here to read and download the Acts.