Surviving wife, children and parents

If a man dies survived by his wife, children or parents, who will inherit his properties if he has not made a will?

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2 thoughts on “Surviving wife, children and parents

  1. Dear Madam,
    Thanks for sending a series of articles on How to make will & all related issues there at.
    It’s written in simple plan language, without much legal jargons & everyone can understand it easily. I am sure, this guidance will make people understand the real need for making a will, with correct narratives and help their family members to save all legal hazels post the demise of the Person making the will, & will serve the true purpose of making the will in the right manner.
    The prolonged lockdown periods due to CoronaVirus in India,the high infection rate, morbidity and mortality is already on the minds of people & the uncertainty of life is now encouraging many more people both Old & young to go ahead for making a will. Your guidance will show them the right path for the ultimate benefit of their families.
    Thanks a lot.


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