The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018 : A Hurried Legislation

The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018 has been passed by both Houses of Parliament after a brief discussion, but without debate. Like many other laws passed for enhancing business capabilities, this Amendment likely to be yet another instance of ‘legislate in haste, amend at leisure’.

The amending Act, it has been stated in both Houses of Parliament, has an objective to prevent errant contractors from breaking their contracts and hampering infrastructure projects. The ultimate aim of the Act is to enhance the standing of India in the ‘ease of doing business’ ranking. The discussion in the Houses centred around infrastructure contracts only. The entire discussion in both Houses has overlooked the fact that the same amendment, and the Specific Relief Act as amended, is not restricted to business contracts, but applies to the common man and his personal contracts.

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the Specific Relief Act 1963 as amended in 2018
the Specific Relief Act 1963 as amended showing all changes.


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